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  • $50 Registration per car/driver

  • Car Inspections will end at 2:30 p.m.

  • Drivers meeting at 3:00 p.m.

  • Derby will start at 4:00 p.m.

  • No refund of entry fees

  • All decisions of officials are final

  • All winners are REQUIRED to fill out and sign a W-9 and present valid driver’s license before receiving their purse check

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Demo Derby Registration Form:

Demo Derby Rules:

Limited Weld

Bone Stock




July 30, 2022

1. Registration form, release and completed W-9 must be submitted with paid entry fee prior to car inspection. If a car fails inspection, corrections can be made any time before the drivers meeting; if you decline, you will be disqualified with no refund. If driver is under the age of 18, parent must be present during registration, provide ID, W-9 and sign waiver of indemnification. Must be at least 14 years of age on event day to drive.

2. Video replays will not be allowed; all judges’ decisions are final.

3. Car numbers are on a first come, first serve basis. Cars must have legible numbers on both sides of car and on top or hood of car. This rule will be enforced.

4. No alcohol allowed in the pits at any time.

5. The driver’s meeting is mandatory for drivers and crew.

6. Disqualification of car or driver for any reason will not receive a refund.



1. The drivers must wear a safety belt, safety helmet, long sleeve shirt and long pants. Fire suits, face shields and gloves are recommended.

2. Fire extinguisher is to be mounted in passenger compartment in driver’s reach.

3. No passengers allowed during the race.

4. All drivers must remain in the vehicle with seat belt and helmet on while in the arena, unless escorted by a race official or being towed to the pits.

5. Speed limit in the pit area is 5 mph for all vehicles.

6. The driver is responsible for the conduct of him/herself, their pit crew, spouse and their friends. Any display of violence, profanity or unsportsmanlike conduct towards other drivers, fans or officials will result in immediate disqualification and/or removal from the fairgrounds.

7. The red driver’s flag must be held so other drivers, judges on the ground and the announcer’s booth can clearly see it. Waiting to put your red flag up does not advance your placement.

8. Only the driver and crew of the car currently being inspected will be allowed in the inspection area at that time.



1. Drivers must make a hit every minute, and the hit must be aggressive. Patty cake hits and sandbagging are grounds for disqualification. Drivers will only get one warning with a yellow flag before disqualification.

2. Grounds for immediate disqualification:

• Deliberately hitting a driver’s door.

• Presenting your driver’s door as a shield or using it as such.

• Team driving is forbidden and is grounds for immediate disqualification. – (Where 2 or more cars run as a pack and work on the rest of the entries, but do not hit each other.)

• Three wheels out of bounds (on dirt berm), holding (parking your car in front of another car) and car fires.


3. If you become stalled you will have 1 minute to get restarted and 1 minute to make a hit for a total of 2 minutes. If you do not do this your car will be clocked out and disqualified, put your red flag up. Waiting to put your red flag up will not advance your placement.

4. If the final two cars in a heat become stuck together for one minute, as a result of a double hit, the cars will be pulled apart to continue racing to decide first place. If the final two cars become stuck together as a result of a single hit, the moving vehicle making the hit will be declared the winner.



• Green flag signals go.

• Red flag signals stop.

• Yellow flag signals warning.

• Black flag signals disqualification.

1. Car line up to be decided at driver’s meeting by vote.

2. Judges will give a first and second call for line up. If your car is not ready when division is called, you will be disqualified with no refund. We will not wait for cars.

3. Only the driver can voice any concerns about the derby to the head race official. No pit crew, family, friend or fan will be acknowledged in case of a dispute. Judges will not make or change their decisions from spectator’s video. Videos will not be reviewed.

Important Driver Information:

 • Registration is $50 for car and driver.

• Car inspections will end at 2:30 pm.

• Mandatory Drivers Meeting will be at 3:00 pm.

• All winners are REQUIRED to fill out and sign a W-9 and present valid driver’s license before receiving their purse check.